Melanie collins dating scottie upshall

If you see inappropriate comments, then please report them by clicking the report abuse link aside the comment. Please do not post inappropriate comments, this is a friendly forum for fans.Our vote is the one where she’s licking another chick’s ass crack.In the NBA’s infinite wisdom, rather than firing Collins, they threatened litigation against the blog that they deemed to have started the picture circulation. Collins seems to be the most guilty culprit in all of this. Collins facebook photo spread shows that she may lack certain inhibitions, which figures to work well for Scottie Upshall.

Prior to that, she worked as a correspondent for all things Penn State for The Big 10 Network.

News, The big Ten Network, NBA-TV, Nascar, Accuweather and the Golf Channel.

She graduated in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University, prior to dating James, Melanie dated another NHL player, Scottie Upshall, from 2009 to 2013.

Much like her husband, Collins has gone through many past ventures in her line of work as a reporter.

Her most notable stint remains her time as a sideline reporter for the NBA; all the while also having covered NASCAR, the PGA, and other media channels such as entertainment ().

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